The Largest Single Initiative
For Financing Evangelism
Through Local Churches In
The History Of Christendom.



To train and have fully operational, by the year 2025, over one million Christian business people tithing funds to the local church. This will result in a minimum of 200 billion dollars being tithed to the local church for evangelism.


To provide a cutting-edge, two-month training program for Christian business people and others wishing to become Kingdom Builders, with national and international opportunities.


To reach this goal and achieve this mission, the World Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies has developed a unique training program called The Gabriel Call. The program is designed to support the authority of the local church in evangelism and to provide an effective economic platform. The objective is to see the program fully operational in 50,000 churches in the English-speaking world by 2025.



Dr. Peter J. Daniels
International Chairman and Founder
The Gabriel Call

Dr. Peter J. Daniels is a well-known and respected Australian Christian international business statesman of substance. He came from a disadvantaged background, and his early years were plagued by illiteracy and ignorance. He came to Christ on May 25, 1959, at a Billy Graham Crusade in Adelaide, South Australia. In spite of numerous disadvantages, he built a large real estate business in Australia, with Southeast Asian connections. He has served on international boards covering the four corners of the globe and has been deeply involved in Christian outreach throughout the world for more than 46 years. He has conducted, free of charge, up to 1,000 seminars in churches in many parts of the world.

Dr. Peter Daniels and Robina, his wife of more than 50 years, promote Christian family values. They have three children and eight grandchildren, all of whom are committed Christians. Peter and Robina attend Liberty Church, with Pastor Bill Nott and his wife Heather, in South Australia.

Dr. Peter Daniels has authored over twenty books and created numerous business programs that are used extensively throughout the world. He has been honored by universities, institutions, and governments for his entrepreneurial ability and benevolence. He has worked with some of the most outstanding intellectual business, academic, and religious giants of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Historical Involvements

  • Director, International Corporate Holdings Pty. Ltd. (Multiple business enterprise)
  • Peter J. Daniels Real Estate (1972-1989)
  • Chairman, Anglo Far East Bullion Company
  • Chairman, Australia Fair Pty. Ltd. (Strategic Intelligence and Bullion Company)
  • President and Founder, World Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies
  • International Director, Robert Schuller Ministries (1980-1999)
  • International Director, Worldwide Leadership Council (1993-1999)
  • National Chairman and International Board Member, Haggai Institute of Advanced Leadership Training (1977-1989)
  • World Treasurer, Youth for Christ International (1980-1991)
  • Chairman of the Board, Youth for Christ Australia (1976-1991)

Honors Received

  • Doctor of Letters, Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Doctor of Humanities, March of Faith Bible Institute, Houston, Texas
  • Honorary Ambassador, World Expo, Australian Government
  • World Ambassador for Life, Youth for Christ International (1986)
  • Special Ambassador of State on Economic Affairs, Ciskei, Southern Africa (1986-1989)

Dr. Robert Daniels Thompson
The Gabriel Call

Author of hundreds of resource materials, including books, tapes, CDs, and videos, Dr. Robert Daniels Thompson is an exceptionally skilled relational and leadership strategist. With over twenty years of experience in the area of human resource management, he travels the globe, training business executives and mentoring government leaders, including heads of state, cabinet ministers, and royalty.

Dr. Robert Daniels Thompson is the Senior Pastor of FHC, one of America’s most influential and productive churches. He is happily married to Linda, his wife of over thirty years.