How To Become Involved

Application for involvement in The Gabriel Call can only be made by the Senior Pastor of a local church. Individuals or organizations are not accepted.

Step 1:
Download and read The Gabriel Call brochure thoroughly. If you require additional information, contact The Gabriel Call at:

Step 2:
When you share the information in this brochure at your local church and believe you have a minimum of twenty people who can participate in the program, move to Step 3.

Step 3:    
Send an email to The Gabriel Call, explaining that you would like to proceed ( Please give us your complete contact information, including your name, church name, senior pastor, telephone and fax numbers, and shipping address. When ordering the DVD, specify NTSC or PAL format DVD. In addition, download these two forms: 
    Church Acceptance Form
    Participant Registration Form

Step 4:
All Participant Registration Forms shall be completed in triplicate. One copy must be forwarded to The Gabriel Call office, the second is for the participant, and the third copy is to be retained by the church. The Church Acceptance Form must be completed in duplicate. One copy must be forwarded to The Gabriel Call office (together with one copy of each participant’s Registration Form). A non-refundable fee of $300 per student must be paid into the local church’s account.

Step 5:
Upon receipt of all completed documents and the (SWIFT) telegraphic transfer of funds, The Gabriel Call Kit will be forwarded to your church. Please email The Gabriel Call office once the telegraphic transfer has been sent.

Step 6:
Upon enrollment in the program, the host church must print a color version of The Gabriel Call Citation and display it in a prominent position in the church.

Step 7:
Upon completion of the program, print the Participant Debriefing Forms for each of the participants to fill out. Return these forms to The Gabriel Call office. The host church must also print a color version of The Gabriel Call Diploma for each participant.
   Participant Debriefing Form
   The Gabriel Call Diploma


What You Can Expect To Receive

  • The Gabriel Call Citation - This certificate should be framed and placed in a prominent position in your church.
  • Complimentary Pastors’ Program DVD
  • Complimentary Facilitators’ Program DVD
  • Extensive, eight-part DVD program on practical, international entrepreneurship. (The program is internationally protected and must not be used for any purpose other than the training of registered students involved in The Gabriel Call and must be immediately returned at the conclusion of the last lesson.)
  • At the conclusion of each lesson, each participant receives a copy of the lesson on CD.
  • Participants cannot receive the Diploma of Practical Entrepreneurship, nor be considered for trade delegations, nor receive further information if all lessons are not fully viewed. No exceptions are considered.
  • A gift DVD for each student at the conclusion of the program, to be presented at the diploma ceremony
  • A diploma for each student, to be presented by the Senior Pastor at a cap and gown ceremony



Other Items Of Interest

The Gabriel Call will present a significant Gabriel Call medal, as a mark of appreciation and honor, to any registered participant who blesses his or her church with a one-time gift or multiple gifts. Awards will be given in the following categories:
    $250,000       Bronze
    $500,000       Silver
    $1,000,000    Gold

The Gabriel Call relies on the integrity of the Senior Pastor and the church to ensure that only registered students attend the lessons. Further, we invite individual pastors to apply and attend The Gabriel Call International Director’s Meeting to offer input, make recommendations, and share their experiences with The Gabriel Call program.

Please respond by sending an email to The Gabriel Call at:
   The Gabriel Call c/o Family Harvest Church
   18500 92nd Avenue, Tinley Park, Illinois 60487
   Phone: 708-614-6000