The Complimentary Pastors’ Program

The Pastors’ Program is supplied on DVD and includes the following subjects:

  • Understanding the business culture
  • How to pastor corporations
  • Meeting business needs
  • Building your own Board of Directors
  • Raising finances for special projects
  • How to create a large, permanent, and ongoing financial reserve
  • Winning business people to Christ
  • How to write books that sell

The Complimentary Facilitators’ Program

The pastor of each participating church selects a leader, who also participates in the program, to act as a facilitator for the duration of the training period. The content of the program emphasizes effective meeting procedures, question and answer times, and follow-up and assessment of participants, with an open door to The Gabriel Call Team for suggestions and support. DVDs are provided to help ensure the success of every meeting.

The Kingdom Builders’ Program

The eight-week program covers a wide range of areas. The facilitator receives a DVD for each of the eight weeks, covering selected subjects.  Participants are required to spend a minimum of 2 hours (one night a week) for at least eight weeks to cover all the subjects. The eight DVDs must be returned to The Gabriel Call headquarters upon completion of the program.

  • Individual CDs
    Participants receive a minimum of eight CDs over the length of the program. Each CD contains the subject matter for the relevant lesson.
  • Email Service
    During the program, additional information may be required. The church facilitator has access to a special email service, which responds directly to any questions.
  • Diploma on Practical Entrepreneurship
    All participants completing the program will receive a diploma signed by the pastor of the local church, the International Chairman, and the Co-Chairman of The Gabriel Call.

Participation Requirements

The program is offered exclusively for participation through local churches with pastoral endorsement. Applications from individuals are not accepted. The mailing list is confidential and is not available to other groups, and the records are kept according to strict privacy principles.

Churches that desire to participate in The Gabriel Call program must have a minimum of twenty individuals enrolled in the program and meet the following stipulations:

  • Participants must be over eighteen years of age, belong to the local church, and be nominated by the Senior Pastor.
  • Each participant is required to personally pay a fee of $300 to The Gabriel Call (sponsorships are not accepted).
  • Each participant must sign a Commitment Form, stipulating that he or she:
     - accepts the authority of his or her local church;
     - is either in business or will definitely go into business within twelve months of completing the program;
     - will tithe faithfully to the local church; and
     - will attend and participate in all eight meetings.

Advertising, mailing, and other expenses incurred to run the program are the responsibility of the participating church. The Gabriel Call can provide assistance in respect to logos, but accepts no offer of payment or finance other than $300 representing each participant. At the beginning of the program, the participating church receives a Citation from The Gabriel Call.